Released on Wednesdays, Top 3 is our show where Bailey, Nate, and Branden pick their “Top 3” from a specific topic! They then have to tell a story about why they chose those 3 songs! Spotify only lets us play 30 second clips on the show, so if you want to jam out to the full songs here they are!

Top 3 – Songs You Play in a Submarine While Descending To The Titanic

Top 3 – Songs Dads Play While Working in the Garage

Top 3 – Songs That You DON’T Play At Your Sister’s Wedding

Top 3 – Songs That You’d Play At A Mexican BBQ

Top 3 – Songs You’d Listen To While Shooting Down A Spy Balloon

Top 3 – Songs That Remind You Of Someone You Slept With

Top 3 – Songs You’d Want To Hear At The Super Bowl with Rihanna

Top 3 – Songs For Your Deathbed Playlist

Top 3 – Songs About California

Top 3 – Songs That’ll Describe Nicky’s Mexico Trip

Top 3 – Non-Country Songs That Could Be

Top 3 – Songs That Describe The Start Of Your 2023

Top 3 – Best Ever Christmas Songs

Top 3 – Songs That Sum Up 2022

Top 3 – Songs That Don’t Make Sense To Younger Generations

Top 3 – Songs That Remind You of Thanksgiving

Top 3 – Songs That Might Help NickyD Love Her Daughter More

Top 3 – Songs from Artists That You’d Leave On For Your Dogs

Top 3 – Middle Age White Drunk Girl Party Songs

Top 3 – Songs That Scream Halloween

Top 3 – Songs From Bands With Cool Names

Top 3 – Songs On A Roadtrip No One Else Knows

Top 3 – Underrated Love Songs

Top 3 – Songs That Remind You of the 90s

Top 3 – Songs That Would Get Charges Brought Up Today

Top 3 – Songs That Would Make You Think Of How Branden’s First Sexual Experience Went

TOP 3 – Songs You’d Listen To If It Was The End Of The World

Top 3 – Songs About Space

Top 3 – Songs You Think NickyD Listens To When Making Love

Top 3 – Songs You’d Put On A Breakup Mixtape

Top 3 – Songs Branden Doesn’t Know

Top 3 – Stadium Songs

Top 3 – Songs That Remind You of High School

Top 3 – Actors Singing In Movies

Top 3 – Past Girlfriend Moments

Top 3 – Songs That Make You Feel Old

Top 3 – Songs That Make You Say America Fuck Yeah!

Top 3 – Boy Band Songs

Top 3 – Songs You Screw Up The Lyrics

Top 3 – Bailey Birthday Songs

Top 3 – Songs About Winning

Top 3 – Graduation Songs

Top 3 – Summer Songs

Top 3 – Hand Songs

Top 3 – Road Trip Songs

Top 3 – Beach Songs


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